Player Activated:  July 24, 2007

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Thomas J. Black


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Character Information


Thomas Jackson Black 





Home Planet:

None, Nomadic grew up on mining stations throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants.






5’ 07”




Black, crew cut, very short


Green (Heightened vision for low light conditions)




Despite his short stature Black is still an imposing individual. The Black clan has been asteroid mining in one form or another for nearly 7 generations. Through careful selection and planning and genetic manipulation over a long period of time, the Black’s have specifically bred those qualities that would allow them to thrive in the often tough and close working conditions found in all mining environments. 

Black’s 5’ 7”, 315 pound frame is stocky and very muscular, conveying immense power without seeming awkward. His skin, muscles, and bones appear quite normal but are in fact heavily modified to give him a tougher dkeletal structure and epidermis. His hair is a dark black and is kept purposefully short. He has deep emerald green eyes with tiny flecks of red and gold in the iris. The red and gold flecks are left over effects from gene splicing that has given the Blacks their formidable musculature and survivability in harsh conditions.

While on duty, Black wears the standard Starfleet uniform of the day and it is always flawless without being pretentious. While off-duty, Black wears a myriad of outfits suitable to his mood or activity but he favors soft cotton or wool trousers and long sleeve cotton or flannel shirts.


Black can often be seen chewing on the stub of a cigar and occasionally smoking one but usually only in his quarters or office.


Black has a tendency to be direct and undiplomatic often times working at odd purposes to his intentions.

Favored Enemy:

The Orion Crime Syndicate


Albert Edison Black - (Human) Chief of Blackmoor Mining Operations 

Betsy Ross Black – (Human) Housewife and Chief Engineer of Blackmoor Mining Operations


Black is the quintessential everyman. Having grown up in the rough and tumble world that is asteroid mining. Black is comfortable in a crowd or in quiet solitude. Rarely the odd man out, his self deprecating humor, quick wit and typical good natured demeanor allows him to circulate throughout a room at ease with both VIP’s and common folk.

Rare occasions will find Black’s in a bad temper but when on display it is something to be feared. Like a black cloud descending his rage boils into the room and all those in the way would be advised to seek shelter from the tempest.

A voracious reader Black has above average intelligence and his knowledge is almost encyclopedic but his rough exterior often belies this unique quality.

Despite his friendly personality Black does not make friends easily but when his confidence is given his loyalty is absolute.


Thomas Jackson Black was born into the lucrative mining family of Blackmoor Mining Operations. Despite their immense wealth his entire childhood was spent moving from one small mining community to the other. At the age of 10 a Black is expected to divide their time between school and the family business. Their pre-college schooling starts out with organized elementary school classrooms and then at age 10 becomes a mixture of computer guided training programs, lots of reading and hired tutors. Once in the general work force every Black starts at the bottom and must learn every job at every level proficiently before moving to the next level. The work is hands on from the start and both exciting and dangerous. Needless to say a Black quickly learns to be self sufficient when it comes to both education and survival.

Thomas Black looks back on his early years with fond memories of camaraderie with the work crews as well as the danger always prevalent.

At the age of 18 all Black family members are free from the mining service if they choose so. Despite the harsh conditions and hard labor Thomas is the first Black to leave the mining company to seek employment elsewhere in the last 115 years.

His choice is seen by most as a temporary wanderlust and they fully expect him to come to his senses, eventually, and return to the mining company.


2341 – 2355 Graduated Starfleet Academy with a major in Command and minor in Starship Operations.

2345- 2350 Assigned to the Engineering section on the USS Sunchaser NCC-63185

2350 - 2355 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant j.g. and reassigned to the Operations section on the USS Sunchaser NCC-63185

2355 - 2362 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and transferred to the Security and Tactical section on the USS Arizona NCC-71839

2362 - 2367 Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and assigned as Assistant Science Chief on the USS Arizona NCC-71839

2367 - Present Promoted to the rank of Commander and transferred to the USS Vanguard NCC-52916 as First Officer