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Yeren Nolana


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Chief of Security USS Vanguard NCC-52916


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Yeren Nolana




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Yeren's general build is athletically slim. She measures 5'10" and 140 lb. She wears her blond hair short. The color of her eyes is dark blue, of her skin fair like Earth-Caucasians. Her Ktrell ancestry gives her slightly pointed ears, slightly cat-like dentures, and her eyes seem to be a bit too large for her face. Her movements are graceful and quite often noiseless. Her physical strength is normal for someone her size, but her great agility in a combat situation is a surprise for every opponent. Her manner of speaking is calm and controlled unless she is faced with a situation requiring a strong voice of command.

On her thighs, upper arms, and shoulders she has traditional Ktrell tattoos, but those are placed to be barely noticeable even when she wears (decent) sports clothing. Like about a third of all Ktrell she has a tiny, rudimentary tail stub at the lower end of her back, which she does not want to be common knowledge. While she has no active ESP rating she has strong mental barriers and cannot be read even by strong telepaths. She shows a faster physical healing rate than most humanoids. Her senses of sight, hearing and smell are excellent, far above human average.


She likes to sample new food stuffs. Yeren also likes to cook but lack of time, fresh ingredients and suitable surroundings usually keep her from living out this interest.

Flaws: She holds grudges, the biggest one against her godfather or, in his stead, any Starfleet Intelligence member. While she knows when not to take things personally she will remember any nastiness directed at her intentionally for a very long time.


Her birth parents (mother Lanee, father Tek) died when she was about 4 years old. Her Human godfather Wade Bennett took care for her for a while, then thought it better for her to live with an older Ktrell couple, Meera and Milo. Yeren has only few memories of her life with her parents. But their death and the ensuing circumstances have left her emotionally scarred. As a child she hated her godfather for deserting her, and she chafed at the foster parents' strictness. The encounter a few years ago has not improved her relationship to her godfather, but with time she has come to understand her foster parents better and now has neutral to slightly friendly feelings towards them.


As an officer Yeren is a professional and reliable team player, and appears open and approachable to superiors and subordinates alike while clearly setting the boundaries that she and others must not cross. She is highly skilled in her specialty but not a show-off. She prefers to deal with most issues matter-of-factly and openly, sneakiness and Starfleet Intelligence issues don't sit well with her. She always is aware of the people around her and, true to her racial credo, assists discreetly where needed and possible. Off duty she keeps her distance to others as she does not want emotional proximity due to the pain of loosing her family in her early years. She also remains wary of others until those have proven that her trust in them is justified. As a result she does not make friends easily. She has no family ties and sometimes envies those who have close ones. She finds her mental equilibrium in meditation and martial arts exercises.



The Ktrell are a small, wandering people who seldom settle down but are spread across the sectors of this galaxy moving about on family or foreign ships. They highly value their stories and customs. Their culture and beliefs center on regaining the lost wisdom and atoning for the mythic sins of their ancestors. The Ktrell seek to better their racial karma by offering their help to others, and once that offer is accepted they feel bound by their word and secretly or otherwise do whatever is necessary to fulfill the agreement. Most Ktrell lead rather peaceful, inconspicuous lives but there are also the proverbial black sheep who work for the highest bidder or seek grandeur. Whichever morality they follow, the Ktrell are always efficient. Problems are not always solved in a benevolent fashion, as they are skilled fighters whose preferred weapons are knives, daggers and short sticks, and every Ktrell child grows up learning and practicing their martial art of Loa-Sri.



Yeren's parents died when she was very young, she has little recollection of her life with them. Her non-Ktrell godfather took care of her for a while, but his line of work forced him to leave her with an older couple. These two Ktrell raised Yeren traditionally, encouraging her to discover life and the universe while keeping an open mind and offer help to those who need it. While living with them she completed an apprenticeship as herbalist-healer, but in her early teens grew tired of being the "nice helpful girl". The inherent racial wanderlust led her onto a merchant ship, where she learned many new skills mostly not found in "nice girls", but which let her experience another set of Ktrell traits. In her late teens she attended a cyclic Ktrell festival, rediscovered her racial roots and afterwards spent a year aboard a Ktrell ship where she underwent her rite of passage to gain status as an adult.



After her previous experiences on merchant ships Yeren applied in 2365 to Starfleet Academy as she saw a career in Starfleet as the ideal way to serve her own as well as her race's purposes. When her application was rejected she signed up for enlisted service and was assigned to the security department of the USS Saratoga until the ship was lost at Wolf 359. The remainder of her three-year tour she served as petty officer aboard the USS Frederickson, a patrol vessel near the Romulan Neutral Zone. With her captain's recommendation, she re-applied to the Academy prior to end of her tour and was accepted in 2368.



She graduated in 2372 among the top ten of her class, and left Earth to serve aboard the USS Hiroshima, on patrol at the Federation-Cardassian border. During the Dominion War Yeren was approached by Starfleet Intelligence to assist in the recovery of a missing agent. That agent turned out to be her long-forgotten godfather, who recently disappeared somewhere in Cardassian territory investigating Cardassian-Dominion alliances. She participated in this mission during a 4-month LOA, during which she learned that a) her godfather very often worked contracts for SF Intelligence, b) as did her parents, and c) it was that line of work that got them killed. After recovering her godfather the two separated not on the best of terms and she declined an offer to work for SF Intelligence herself. Instead, she returned to the Hiroshima. After the end of the war her tour of duty was prolonged for another two years.



In 2376 she then took once more LOA to participate in a Ktrell gathering and live for 10 months according to Ktrell custom. After reporting back for duty she was posted to DS 4 as assistant Chief of Security in 2377. Two years later she returned to the Alpha-Quadrant for a position as assistant instructor for Protective Services at Starfleet Academy. Before her second year as a teacher had begun she learned of her new posting to the USS Vanguard.