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Sage Yuriko Quinn


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Chief Medical Officer USS Vanguard NCC-52916







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Sage Yuriko Quinn




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Verex III




Despite her small build, Sage demands attention as soon as she walks into a room with her regal bearing and graceful demenor. She is the epitome of elegance with her delicate features and ebony hair that falls in a cascade to the middle of her back. She has several scars, obtained from her tumultuous childhood, as well as the brand of the Syndicate burned into her skin at the nap of her neck.



Sage is a clothes hog. She loves designer fashions, and when not on duty, can often be found wearing the latest in haute couture. She also loves spicy food...the hotter, the better.

Flaws: Sage is a workaholic. She has a hard time relinquishing control to others, and an even worse time asking for help. Sage still suffers from panic attacks if pressed to much about her childhood. She has difficulty dealing with the topic, but is working to overcome it. That said, Sage has a very apparent aversion to Starfleet counselors, and usually goes out of her way to avoid them. Because she was never properly trained, despite being a strong empath, Sage has difficulty communicating telepathicly. She also has a deep hatred for both the Orion Syndicate, and Cardassians.


Family: Aliera Eran - Mother - deceased

Tao Doi - Father - Human - Heavy arms trader in the Orion Syndicate

Admiral Alexander Quinn - Adoptive father - Human


Sage is a walking contradiction. At times, she is very outspoken and opinionated, not afraid to step on a few toes to get the job done. Other times, especially when people ask about her, she is quiet, and actually quite shy. She still finds herself falling into the role of needing to serve others, a habit that gets on some peoples nerves after a time. Despite being extremely talented in her profession, she is sometimes naive about day to day life, and isn't always the best conversationalist as she can clam up and get tongue-tied around other people. In Sickbay however, where she is in her element, Sage runs a very tight ship and demands the best of her staff. In return, she is like a mother lion looking after her cubs when it comes to her patients, and medical staff alike. She is very protective, and loyal almost to a fault.


Sage was an accident, born into a bad situation. Her mother, Eliera Eran, formerly of Betazed, was a young girl of only 17 who was a slave to the Orion Syndicate. Eliera was one of five women in the harem of Tao Doi. Tao was an upper level player in the Syndicate, dealing mainly in heavy weapons. He had a hunger for the lascivious and a lust for cruelty. Sage was viewed as a commodity from the moment of her birth, a future slave who would bring Tao revenue.

From an early age, Sage was trained in all of the arts a good slave should, music, dancing, linguistics, philosophy. Despite the hodge podge education, Sage was like a sponge and soaked everything up. It was the only life she'd known, so to her, she saw nothing wrong with it, despite the fact the woman around her often returned to the harem bruised and beaten.

Upon Sage's 13th birthday, Tao decided she was of age, and ready to be "sold". Unlike many Orion slaves who are kidnapped and forced into the life, Sage knew nothing different, and as such, was highly prized. She was viewed to be the perfect slave, born into the role. The highest bidder, Cardassian Legate Garak Tain, quickly packed up his prize, and returned to Cardassia Prime. For three years, Sage lived a very bleak existance. To this day, she does not speak of what she endured, but her suffering was great.

By the time she was sixteen, Sage did not believe she would ever live to see her 20th birthday, and secretly hoped she wouldn't. Her spirit was broken. Fate had other ideas for Sage however. While Tain visited friends on Qu'noS, Sage got her first taste of the Federation. Where once she longed for her existance to end, suddenly she had a fierce desire for freedom and life. That opprtunity came in the form of Admiral Alexander Quinn.

Quinn, an oponent of the Syndicate through out his Starfleet career, immeadiatly recognized the ugly scar seared into Sage's flesh, as she was allowed one of the few opportunities to wonder the streets herself. Approaching the young girl, who had the look of a trapped animal, he carefully and gently questioned her, and before long, his show of kindness was rewarded with Sage confessing her role in life. Admiral Quinn offered her political asylum if she was willing to ask for it, and Sage jumped at the opportunity.

At the time, Admiral Quinn was assigned to Starfleet Academy as a command instructor. He offered Sage not only freedom, security, and safety, but also offered her an education she had not been aloted. Because of spending so much time on Cardassia Prime, Sage had absorbed some of the Cardassian mental disciplines, and because of this had a very good photographic memory. Catching up with those her age, while a challenge, proved to be a very attainable goal.

By the time she was 17, Sage was ready to enter Starfleet Academy. Medicine was a natural choice for her because not only did it allow her to give back and help others (she had a desperate need to give thanks to those who'd saved her, and she viewed Starfleet as being responsible for that) but she enjoyed the challenge each medical case presented.




2366-2370 - Starfleet Adacemy

2370-2374- Starfleet Medical

2374 - Internship, Emergency Medicine, Starfleet Medical

2374 - 2376 - USS Fairfax, Medical officer, Surgeon

2376 - 2378 - USS Fairfax, ACMO

2378-2380 - Chief of Surgery, Starbase 11 2380 - CMO, USS Vanguard