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Jonathan Royce


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Commanding Officer – USS Vanguard NCC-52916







Character Information


Jonathan Royce




5’ 09”




Blonde, cut short and combed straight back


Sapphire Blue





Home Planet:





Jon Royce, having been born and raised on Vulcan, possesses a commanding bearing and immaculate appearance. His muscular build fills his tailored uniform perfectly. Although he is shorter than many Starfleet officers at well under six feet, he cuts an imposing, yet somehow relaxed posture. His dark sapphire blue eyes penetrate whoever he has them locked onto. 

While on duty, Royce wears his uniform comfortably and seldom has a hair or a line out of place. While off duty and in his quarters he can usually be found wearing a black Vulcan meditation robe. When venturing around the ship off duty he wears tan and brown loose fitting trousers and sarong style shirt.


Royce enjoys smoking a pipe and has quite a collection of pipes and tobacco from all over the galaxy in his quarters.


Royce suffers from Altharian Arthritis, which has no cure and does not respond to conventional treatments. This ailment is typically dormant, but is often exacerbated by extremely hot or cold environments, or when he is extremely fatigued. This manifests itself by restricting his movement, which is considerably painful.

Favored Enemy:

Royce suffers from a tremendous dislike (to put it favorably) of Romulans. Their insidious, devious nature is antithetical to his philosophy and he finds them to be without honor.


Jack Royce – (Human) Federation Ambassador to Vulcan. 

Jennifer Royce – (Human) Civilian Federation employee working as a school teacher. Jon’s mother is credited with being the greatest influence in his life. She disapproves of his pipe smoking, but admits to enjoying the fragrant blue smoke of the many various tobaccos he lights.


Jon Royce’s personality is complex, but not without order. He is seen by his peers and subordinates as disciplined, but approachable. He does not suffer fools lightly, but is not one to unnecessarily belittle another. His style of teaching and command are unique and unpredictable, but he is consistent and fair.

When one is talking to Royce he has the Captain’s full attention and is reassured that he is being heard and understood. If Royce is uncertain of his orders or a statement he is not shy about asking questions to clarify his understanding.

While seeming to be “all business” when on duty, Royce does know when to allow tensions to ease themselves. He requires the best of his crew and returns nothing less.

When off duty, Royce can be found recreating on the hollow-deck in any number of eclectic holo-novels, sometimes as a participant, sometimes simply as an observer.

Royce enjoys an easy manner off duty with most of the crew, and is easy to talk to. Often approached for advice, he is decidedly of an opinion and not “wishy-washy” about his counsel. He is known to be open minded and fair, and is, for the most part very tolerant of other cultures and traditions.


Jon Royce was born on Vulcan where his father worked as a Federation Ambassador, granting him dual Earth-Vulcan citizenship. His early school years were spent attending schools set up for the children of diplomats. Upon reaching the 8th grade his father decided that Jon would benefit a great deal from attending formal Vulcan schools. Jon showed an intelligence and aptitude that impressed the Vulcan schoolmasters enough to allow him entry.

Jon Royce suffered the taunts of the Vulcan children, and for two years cried to his father to allow him to return to the ambassadorial schools. Jack would hear none of it, and instead loaded yet more training onto Jon’s back.

Jon Royce trained in a variety of disciplines - martial arts with the elder son of the Klingon ambassador, gamesmanship with the Andorian attaché, a Tellarite jack-of-all-trades for tutoring in conceptual engineering, and mind discipline with a Vulcan Adept, even mastering the difficult nerve-pinch. Needless to say, Jon Royce had very little free time as an adolescent.

Royce did his best to learn all that he could from each of his informal tutors, being fascinated by the way various races excelled in their inherent disciplines.

Upon reaching the 10th grade, Royce befriended a single Vulcan, Sovek, two years his junior and one grade higher. Royce found his company easy and comfortable. One of only two Vulcans with which he ever shared a mind-meld, Sovek spent 3 years as a close companion. One day Sovek disappeared, and no explanation was ever offered for his absence. He was simply told that Sovek was gone.

During his senior year in high school, Jon Royce became enamored with a Vulcan girl of his age, P’Tera. She enjoyed his company, but after 6 months was forbidden by her father from ever seeing him again. Upon their final meeting where she told him that she could no longer see him, P’Tera shared a mind meld with him that would have been considered improper, since its depth is generally reserved for mates. The meld was strong enough that he can often sense her presence, though she is light years away, and in his deepest sleep, he can feel, smell, and see her, and sometimes on rare occasions, even talk to her.

Jon and P’Tera communicate by letter occasionally, necessarily behind her father’s back, even at her advanced years. She is often pressed by her family to marry, but resists their pleas. She never mentions Jon’s name to them, and has never given them any reason to believe that she has done other that what she was ordered to do.

After graduating from high school, Royce spent 2 years at the Vulcan Science Academy. While he enjoyed his education, he longed to experience what he was learning first hand. At the age of 18, Royce enlisted in Starfleet and went off to the Academy. He had the full support of his family in his decision.


2337-2341 – Graduated Starfleet Academy as Lieutenant j.g.

2341-2343 – Lieutenant j.g.: Operations USS Antares

2343-2346 – Lieutenant: Operations USS Antares

2346-2349 – Lieutenant Commander: Operations USS Atlantis

2349-2353 – Commander: Chief of Operations USS Atlantis

2353-2362 – Commander: Executive Officer USS Atlantis

2362-2367 - Commander: Executive Officer USS Crucible

2367-Present – Captain: Commander USS Vanguard