Whenever you get a large group of people together you are going to have problems. Usually it is just a clash of personalities or a conflict in simming styles. These can usually be handled to everyone's satisfaction with a minimum of embarrassment. There are several different levels of conflict and two ways to handle them, In-Character and Out-Of-Character. We try to handle as many problems In-Character as possible to keep things from getting personal between Authors.

If your character has a problem with another character, such as ignoring orders, disrespect, foul language, sexual harassment, interfering with your job, etc., take the matter up with the Chief or head of your department. If that is not possible, or you are the Chief of the department, bring it to the attention of the XO. The XO will then discuss the problem with you and seek resolution from the offending party and he will do it In-Character by bringing him/her into his office and counseling him about it. He may even recommend sessions with the ship's Counselor. A system of progressive discipline will be used to try and solve the problem.

Do not take offense just because another character is contrary or antagonistic. There are people like that in the world and it only makes for greater depth of interaction, but you do not have to take abuse or insubordination.

If you decide you want your character to be a problem child, that's okay. Just be careful not to overdo it and don't be surprised by the reaction you will generate from other characters. Remember, there will likely be consequences for your actions.

Problems and comments should never be taken OOC into personal attacks. If this happens, forward a copy to the CO, do not retaliate and get into a flaming war, that suits not purpose. You will probably be told that the situation has been handled without getting a copy of what is said to the offender. If it becomes necessary to handle things OOC the XO & Captain will keep it private to insure minimal embarrassment.

If you find it necessary to address a minor problem OOC, such as someone overusing your character or using it incorrectly, it is okay to contact that person, but be respectful. There's a good chance that the other player isn't aware that he's overstepped his bounds. Please forward a copy to theCaptain. We want to do our best to keep the RPG experience enjoyable for all.

If your problem involves the XO, take it to the Captain, either In-Character or OOC, whichever is appropriate using the above guidelines. If it is with the Captain, try talking with the XO first. We take all complaints seriously and will do everything we can to try and resolve issues as they arise and prevent them from occurring again.

In any case, In-Character complaints may be addressed to all, since it is a Character issue and will serve to develop the characters of all involved. If it is an OOC issue then do not address it to everyone, but only to those concerned. This is important as you would not want everyone to know what is going on if the complaint were being made against you. This will minimize the opportunity for embarrassment and the offender will be more open to a solution without the need to stand up for his actions in front of the group. Such messages sent to the list will be immediately deleted.