USS Vanguard Table Of Specifications

The USS Vanguard is an Akira Class starship. The compact, highly maneuverable design is ideal for exploration and forward battle deployment.

The USS Vanguard specifications are:
Length - 464.43 m
Height - 87.43m
Width - 316.67m
Cruising Speed - Warp 7
Maximum Speed - Warp 9
Emergency Speed - Warp 9.8 for 12 hours
Coaking Device - No
Hull - Duranium/Tritanium Dual Hull - Ablative Armor
Phasers - 4 Type X Phaser Arrays
Torpedoes - 225
Quantum, 225 Photon, 15 Tri-Cobolt
Data Network - Bio-Neural Net Type II
Computer Core - Two Mk XX
Crew Compliment - 530
Officers - 75
Enlisted - 300
Marines - 125
Civilians - 20
Fighter Pilots - 16
Naval Construction Contract - 52916

Deck 1 Bridge
Captain''s Ready Room
First Officer's Office
Briefing Room
Deck 2 Captain's Quarters
Senior Officers' Quarters
Senior Officers' Mess Hall
VIP & Guest Quarters
1 Holosuite
Deck 3 Transporter Rooms 1&2
Holodeck 1
Chief Operations Officer's Office
Officer's Quarters
VIP & Guest Quarters
Primary Shield Generators
Deck 4 Primary Science Labs
Officers' Quarters
Counselor's Office
Chief Security Officer's Office
Holodeck 2
Crew Quarters
Deck 5 Officers' Quarters
Crew Quarters
Secondary Science Labs
Cargo Bays 1 & 2
Chief Science Officer's Office
Dorsal Phaser Bank & Maintenance
Impulse Engine Maintenance - Port & Starboard
Deck 6 Primary Computer Core Control
Tertiary Science Labs
Cargo Bay 3 (Primary Cargo Bay)
Crew Quarters
Secondary Armory
Sensor Maintenance
Deck 7 Computer Core Access
Shuttle Maintenance Hangar & Storage
Primary Computer Core Control
Crew Quarters
Crew Lounge
Deck 8 Computer Core Access
Flight Operations Armory
Chief Medical Officer's Office
Crew Quarters
Guest Quarters
Transporter Rooms 3 & 4
Cargo Bay 4
Deck 9 Primary Computer Core
Weight Room & Gymnasium
Crew Quarters
Holodeck Training Room
Chief Intelligence Officer's Office
Deck 10 Shuttle Preparation
Pre-Flight Bay
Emergency Shield Generators
Mess Hall
Crew Quarters
Holodeck 3
Port & Starboard Torpedo Launchers
Deck 11 Primary Machine Shop
Primary Maintenance Support Center
Flight Deck (Upper Level)
Flight Operations
Flight Training Holodecks
Crew Quarters
Deck 12 Primary Systems Support Compartments
Flight Deck, Main Level
Shuttle & Fighter Maintenance
Saucer Impulse Engine Maintenance
Deck 13 Crew Quarters
Secondary Shuttle Maintenance Hangar
Flight Deck, Lower Level
Forward Torpedo Launchers
Deck 14 Upper Engineering
Fusion Power Generators 1-4
Crew Quarters
Stellar Cartography
Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control
Chief Engineer's Office
Ventral Phaser Bank and Maintenance
Environmental Control
Secondary Brig
Deck 15 Main Engineering
Fusion Power Generators 5-8
Transporter Rooms 5 & 6
Tactical Department
Phaser Range
Crew Quarters
Tractor Beam Batteries
Main Power Coupling
Deck 16 Lower Engineering
Deflector Control
Main Tractor Beam Control & Emitter
Secondary Computer Core
Briefing Room
Null-G Gymnasium
Aft Torpedo Launchers
Deuterium Storage
Secondary Power Couplings
Secondary Sensor Array
Deck 17 Tertiary Maintenance Support Center
Emergency Power Generators 9-11
Secondary Systems Support
Torpedo Magazine
Cargo Bays 7&8
Secondary Power Generator
Warp Core Ejection Hatch
Deck 18 Deuterium Storage
Gavimetric Polaron Generators
Secondary Shield Generators
Main Deflector
Deflector Control
Primary Sensor Control
Tractor Beam Batteries
Deck 19 Lower Deflector Control
Backup Power Generator
Main Tractor Beam Control & Emitter