**Level 1 Diagnostics

Level 1 diagnostic referst o the most complex kind of diagnostic normally carried out on a starship. While an immense battery of automated tests are performed, Level 1 requires crew members to physically check each component, thereby guarding against check routine failure. Level 1 on a major system can take several hours, and the system usually has to be taken offline to execute it.

**Level 2 Diagnostics

  Level 2, like Level 1, include sthe same battery of automated tests as level 1, but requires physical verification of only about half the components in a system, yielding a somewhat less reliable test, but this can usually be done in under half the time of Level1.

**Level 3 Diagnostics

Level 3 runs the same automated tests as Levels 1 and 2, but requires crew verification of only key components. Level 3 is intended to be performed in under ten minutes.

**Level 4 Diagnostics

Level 4 is intended for usewhen trouble is suspected with any given system. While it doesn't includedcrew verification (i.e. all tests are automated), it includes a batteryof tests more sophisticated than Level 5. This can be performed in under30 seconds.

**Level 5 Diagnostics

Level 5 diagnostics are performedon all systems at least daily, and are intended to verify system performance.They are also performed regularly during crisis situations (e.g. Red Alert).These tests take 2.5 seconds or less.