The Captain is responsible for the ship and the safety of all aboard. Although a good Captain will ask for and listen to all advise from his crew, the Captain has the final say in all matters.

As the Commanding Officer of the ship I am charged with making and or authorizing all major decisions. I am open to suggestions from the crew at all times, but the decisions and responsibilities resulting from those decisions rest on my shoulders alone. You can see why I would take this very seriously.

I need not remind you that as a Starfleet officer it is your obligation to suggest all available alternatives up to and including Away Teams, and Landing or Boarding Party missions. I will usually decide when an Away Team, Landing or Boarding Party mission is appropriate. The First Officer, when available, will usually lead the mission. If not available, an alternate will be chosen from the crew.

The ship's weapons will be fired only on the Captain's or XO's order. There are exceptions and if you happen to be a Tactical or Security officer please contact your Captain or the XO for further details.

The Captain or the XO must usually authorize the launching of shuttle craft.

(NRPG: I have written and preplanned the sim and have many things to do during a sim. Rest assured, your comments and suggestions will not be ignored, but it may take me some time to respond to them.  If you have a problem and the First Officer cannot help you, feel free to contact me. Occasionally during the sim I may Message you, with something relating to the sim, this is different. If you have a question about something he/she sent you via Message, please ask me about it. As the Captain, I am also "in charge" of the sim or the Game Master for you Role Players...)

I am also responsible for making sure that the Sim runs smoothly and that in the end, the entire adventure can be summed up into a concise, logical story that flows well. In order to help me accomplish this, any ideas you have that may or will affect the current plot situation drastically or what we call "earth-shattering plot twists" should be run by either myself or the First Officer for approval before they are posted. This is done so that we can help incorporate the new plot twist more fully into the current situation, as well as, making sure that the whole crew is aware that we have endorsed the change in the plot. You would not believe how easy it is for things to get confused and out of hand when the crew is not sure if the Captain is making these changes or someone else is. If things are not coming together well, it is up to me to bring things together and to get the Sim moving again. ( I want to assure you that I am not trying to micro-manage the sim. I merely want to keep an even keel on things. So if you have any questions about this please contact me or the First Officer, or even check the SIMMING TIPS.)

Suggestions for missions are always welcome, just E-Mail them to me or the First Officer, however each mission will be chosen at my discretion. I try to be fair and will do my best to accommodate all reasonable ideas so that everyone has the opportunity to contribute. Remember this is a game and everyone has the right to enjoy it.)