Science Officer

As the Science Officer (SO) you may be doing such scientific endeavors as investigations and or experimentation. You will be required to follow any orders given by your supervisor or anyone placed in command over you. You may be asked to provide the Captain with scientific information needed for command decisions. The SO is involved in all areas of scientific research on, or conducted from, the ship. The science facilities on the ship are vast and cover the full range of exploratory science. The science station on the Bridge includes extensive tie-ins to the various sensor systems as well as links to the ship's library computer system.

In the event of an encounter with an unknown phenomenon or an alien species you will be called upon to render your professional scientific analysis. You may also be asked to give assistance to the various departments on the ship in solving a particular problem where a potential solution may fall within your field of expertise.

You may also be required to take part in any landing party or missions away from the ship.