First Officer

The First Officer is just that, the first officer, after the commanding officer. He oversees all departments, and has the authority to give orders to anyone on the ship, except of course, the commanding officer. He is responsible for delegating work schedules and seeing that all maintenance schedules are kept. He develops and organizes the duty roster. The First Officer will lead away teams, unless otherwise specified by his commanding officer. His first duty, however, is to the safety of the commanding officer and the crew and takes this very seriously.

As the First Officer, I will assist the Captain with many of his duties from time to time, and even assume command of the ship in his absence. During a mission, the Captain may turn to his senior staff for ideas concerning a decision or course of action. It is my duty to listen to the input from the other officers and give my recommendation as well. I am aware that the Captain may place a great degree of importance to whatever recommendation I make in this situation. Therefore I must rely on you, the crew, for sound and reasonable input when I am presenting my proposal to the Captain.

While the Captain and I discussing different options it may seem as if we are disagreeing on the course of action to be taken, and even if this is the case, do not mistake this for insubordination. This is not the case, it is merely another of my duties. While I may from time to time disagree with a decision the Captain has made, it is still the First Officer's duty to carry out all of his orders to the best of his or her abilities. I will not shirk from my duty and nothing less is expected from the crew as well.

I am generally responsible for leading the Away Team missions or Landing parties. I also am in charge of choosing the team that will accompany me. I may however, from time time, appoint another leader for a particular mission. I can assure you that this will be based on your experience, expertise and dependability.

It is my duty to see to it that all stations are manned and that all (In-Character) positions are filled. In the event of a vacancy, the Academy presonnel department will be notified that a replacement is needed.

When the Captain is off the Bridge, I usually assume command of the bridge, but I am still required to notify the Captain periodically of events that he may need to be made aware of.

Another of my responsibilities is to evaluate the fitness for duty as well as performance evaluations (Both In-Character and OOC.) I will work closely with the Chief medical Officer an the ship's Counselor on these evaluations and will then make any recommendations to the Captain concerning decisions that need to be made about the crew such as promotions, decorations and if necessary disciplinary action.

It is my policy, that my door is always open if you want to talk. (In-Character as well as OOC.) If you have a question or complaint and want to talk about it before taking action, please do not hesitate to approach me. I will always be frank and give you my honest opinion concerning the matter. I will do my best to be helpful and understandable, no matter what the decision should be.

(NRPG: During a sim, if you have a question or a problem, or your just not quite sure what you should be doing, ask the First Officer. The Captain is very busy during a sim and the First Officer should be able to help, if not, he will tell you to ask the Captain.)

Complaints concerning the sim should be brought to my attention first. There are usually two types of complaints; In-Character and Out-Of-Character. Interactions will be carefully monitored by both the Captain and the First Officer. Often times characters will create problems between themselves to add a little realism or spice to their characters. This is perfectly acceptable and indeed welcome. To keep things from getting personal, any antagonism should be a mutual agreement between the characters so that no one is offended or hurt.)