Chief Medical Officer

As the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) your main area of responsibility is the physical health and well-being of the crew. Your duties include assessing illnesses & injuries and their treatments, routine physical examinations of the crew and bringing to the Captain's attention any potential health risks that may jeopardize the crew or the mission.

You will be required to attend senior staff meetings and render you professional and/or personal opinion on any and all known or potential medical matters. You will be in charge of sick bay and must have a working knowledge of the physiology of all members of the crew and the various races they represent. You will be required to keep abreast of all medical breakthroughs as well as advising the Captain of any proactive treatments that may be necessary.

When a new species or environment is encountered you may be called upon to advise the Captain as to physiological compatibility or treatment concerning all first contact procedures.

The Bridge's life sciences section will serve as the duty station for the Medical Officer when he/she is on the Bridge.