The year is 2369. The Borg have been pushed out of the Alpha Quadrant, the Bajoran Wormhole has just been discovered, the Federation has taken control of Terok Nor, redesignated Deep Space 9, but contact with the Dominion has not yet taken place.

The USS Vanguard is an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser assigned to patrol the borders of Federation space and explore the regions beyond. The Akira Class is well suited to this mission. Following heavy losses at the hands of the Borg, the Federation and other Alliances are seeking to rebuild their empires, strengthen their borders and expand their influences.

As the crew of the USS Vanguard set forth for the frontier of the vast unknown, they will learn to work and socialize together, preparing themselves for whatever lies ahead. Enemies and alliances old and new will face them with challenges to the body, mind and spirit, the likes of which they have never before encountered.

The USS Vanguard is crewed by some of the most capable, highly trained, and most experience Federation officers.

Are you one of them?