Security Officer

Exploration missions are sometimes dangerous and the circumstances are often unknown. This calls for resourceful and split second decision making on the part of the Security officer.

As the Security Officer you are responsible for the safety and security of the ship as well as her crew. You will be assigned to the Security department. Your direct supervisor will be the Chief of Security (COS). You will be required to follow any and all orders issued by the senior staff.

You will be assigned certain duties that include, but are not limited to, internal investigations, Away Teams, Landing Parties and Diplomatic and VIP protection details. At times you may be required to man the Bridge Tactical station located to the right rear of the bridge. From this station you will be in charge of the ship's internal and external security, which will include keeping track of security personnel throughout the ship and monitoring the internal sensors. Other responsibilities will be to monitor the shields and hull integrity as well as all tactical sensors. All transporter activity and tractor beam functions, escort and transport details for the various visitors or cargo arriving or departing the ship will be your responsibility as well. During combat situations, and at the Captain's or the On Duty Bridge Officer's direction, you will arm, plot firing solutions, lock and fire any weaponry, i.e; phasers and photon torpedoes. When not manning the bridge tactical station, the welfare and security of the brig and any occupants will also be your responsibility.