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Vanguard Updates


The USS Vanguard has been replaced by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701B.
The founders of the USS Enterprise game have over 36 years of
combined PBEM experience. We always welcome new, creative players

The primary web site fot this rpg is on http://ussenterpriseb.sector-001.rpg.
Information on the Enterprise RPG can be found at that web address.



Play By E-Mail Role Playing Game sim


04/10/11 - We have made another change. I found that the BBS style is not very joint post friendly. We made the switch to Nova SMS at We are also assembling a fleet at Starbase 1. Please visit us there.

04/03/11 - We have converted from Play-by-E-Mail format to Play-by-Post format at ZetaBoards. We have also included a mother for other ships to join our group, should they be so inclined.

03/14/11 - The position of Chief Sicence Officer has been filled. Welcome aboard T'Rau. There seems to be a great deal of interest in Fighters and Marines. I'm willing to entertain the possibility with a strong character concept.

03/12/11 - Active search has begun for dedicated, mature role-players who are in it for the long term. The year is 2369. The Bajoran Wormhole has been discovered, the Federation has taken contgrol of Terok Nor, redesignated Deep Space 9. There will be no fighters or marines. A state of Cold War exists between the Federation, the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union, and the Romulan Star Empire, all licking their wounds. There will be exploration and new discoveries, political intrigue, espionage, negotiations, tension, and conflict. I'm looking to fill key positions: Chief Science Officer, Chief Medical Officer, Chief Engineer, Chief of Security/Tactical, Operations Chief, Helm Officer. If you want to staff your departments with player-characters it will be up to you to keep them busy and find things for them to do. If you are interested in joining a group of seasoned writer/role-players, please click on the Application link on the left.